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Top 4 Financial Institutes in the World

It is complicated and in a certain sense not practical to compile a list of the top financial institutes in the world. There are a number of different organisations that provide various services that fall under the category of financial institute. The financial institution is thus an all-encompassing umbrella term for organisations that operate in a number of different verticals. In this article, we look at the most prominent financial institutes in the world based on their overall revenue each year.

1. Berkshire Hathaway Inc.

The financial institution that is located in Omaha, Nebraska, United States was founded in the year 1839; meaning it has not only survived two world wars but has also been operating for over two centuries. It is one of the oldest financial institutes in the world and deals with a number of different services such as insurance, jewellery, real estate, etc. The financial institution is a juggernaut in the financial world and brings in about $163 Billion in annual revenue.

2. Allianz

Allianz is a world-renowned financial institution that primarily deals with insurance. And at one point it was regarded as the largest insurance company in the world; rumour has it that it still is, but no official data can be found of the same. The organisation was established in 1891 and is located in Munich, Germany. The financial institution is one of the heavyweights in the financial world and is only second to Berkshire Hathaway. The organisation rakes in annual revenue of around $144 Billion.

3. Assicurazioni Generali

It is the second Europe based financial institutions to show up on this list, displaying the financial prowess of the continent. It is touted as one among the largest insurance companies in the world. The jury is still out on which insurance company is larger, whether Allianz or Assicurazioni. But the organisation as such is the biggest insurance company in Italy. The financial institution was founded in 1831 and is located in Trieste, Italy. The financial institution is one of the longest-running institutes in the world of finance. The company rakes in a yearly revenue of about $120 Billion.

4. AXA

The oldest financial institute to feature on this list is AXA; it was founded in 1817 and is located in Paris, France. It is yet another financial institution that is located in Europe. The organisation primarily deals with investment planning and insurance services. The organisation pulls annual revenue around $117 Billion.

Dawn SanchezTop 4 Financial Institutes in the World
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